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Locks are the first safety measures for your office and home. Having locks in a poor condition or old locks that need desperate repair, can make it very unsafe for you to live in your property. At commercial locksmith Calgary we make sure to maximize the safety and protection of our clients, by changing the locks or by repairing and making those new ones. We believe that when you trust us it then becomes our job to make it worthy and complete our every task with a sense of security. 

We are aware of the position about how important the locks selection can be. We also know how inefficient locksmith will damage your doors, keys, windows, and will make a negative impact on the security of your property. That is why our locksmiths have taken the responsibility to provide trustworthy excellent service to our clients by installing a multitude of different technologies lock.

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Commercial locksmith services

Our technicians are known for their professional behavior and how they provide high standards of services, our commercial locksmith Calgary use only high standards of materials and lock equipment from best available security brands in Calgary. We don’t compromise on your security so why would you compromise on yours? By hiring a nonprofessional and inefficient locksmith, who will not only damage the locks and will make the situation much worse. Our 24-hour commercial locksmith can replace your keys and locks Right there and then. Whether you are required to enhance the security of your office or brand new installation of locks, our expert locksmiths can help you in all lock and key matters. Our services of locksmith lock replacement and fitting are available 24 hours and 7 days a week, without taking a day off our workers are available in your assistance all the time. All the tasks are performed by our bonded, licensed, and insured locksmiths.  

No matter what style of security you’re looking for, we have got it all covered for our respected clients.


What could be the right time for new lock replacement and fitting?

Moving to a new home

When you move to a new place, you don’t know who has the keys to your doors, as you moved to a place where multiple copies of keys have allotted to different peoples, for many years. You can’t take the risk by ignoring the situation so it will be necessary for you to replace the locks and get new ones. 

A break-in

Most businesses and homeowners who have been victims of break-ins and robberies often changed their entire lock system with the fear that they will get robbed again. Particularly when the burglar broke in by breaking the lock of bad quality or a window or might have a key. But don’t worry our commercial locksmith’s experts use High Standard material of security locks, so it won’t be possible for a burglar to break in again by messing with the locks.

Stolen or lost keys

If your keys got stolen or someone might have replaced it somewhere in purpose and you have doubts of your security that someone has the key to your doors. Of course, this is not always true that someone will break in after you lost your keys but it is better to take precautions then to regret after.

Locks upgrading 

If you have decided to go from a single cylinder to a double cylinder look, or you have found that your keys frequently get stuck in the lock or there might be some other problems that you are facing due to your current locks, under these conditions replacement is recommended. 

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Are you looking for any of these?

No matter what the reason is, if you think you need new locks or replace the old one, you should go for it. And our commercial locksmiths Calgary workers are available in your assistance and feel proud to provide trustworthy services.


Security and protection are dear to everyone, no one wants to compromise on their family and business security at any cost. We know the worth of your security that’s why our team of experts has come up with custom solutions to your unique needs


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